Paintball Field Rules


1) ALL PLAYERS must sign in prior to playing. Every player must provide a signed waiver or have one on file prior to playing. If a player is under 18 years of age, the waiver must be signed by the player's parent or legal guardian. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 

2) The minimum age to play at this field is 10 years old. 

3) All field fees or gun rentals must be paid in advance of playing. 

4) "FIELD PAINT ONLY" in all guns. 

5) Do not attempt to adjust the velocity of paintballs in excess of 280 feet per second. 

6) Eye protection (approved safety goggles) must be worn at all times when on the field and in any area posted "GOGGLES ON". NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Violators are subject to being ejected from the game. (Flagrant or repeated violators will be ejected from the park). 

7) Barrel plugs/socks must be used at all times that you are not engaged in a game. 

8) NO shooting (or dry firing) in the staging area. 

9) Do not shoot at signs, vehicles, houses, or off the property. 

10) No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed. 

11) No profanity is allowed (on the field or in the staging area). 

12) Obey the referee! The final call is his. He is there for your safety.

13) Never, ever touch a referee! This is cause for ejection from the park.

14) Do not shoot someone at ranges of less than 20 feet. 

15) If you shoot at a player and hit him, STOP SHOOTING!!! Excessive shooting will cause you to be ejected from the game (and the park if it continues). 

16) If you are hit, put your barrel plug/sock on your marker, raise the marker over your head, and exit the playing field quickly. A barrel plug/sock indicates you are out for that game. 

17) If you are injured, notify a referee immediately. He will assist you and see that appropriate medical aid is summoned. 

18) Make sure your gear and personal effects are secure. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. 

19) Paintball can be a physically demanding sport. Know your physical limitations. 

20) It’s just a game. Remember to keep your sense of humor and be a good sport. We want a family-friendly environment. You don’t want to be the first player ever evicted from our park, do ya?